Join a sport

Join A Sport

Hop on and enjoy exciting sports that is being organise by other individuals / groups in the community. Simply, choose your sports category and join the fun.

Organise a sport

Organise A Sport

Be that enthusiastic leader who brings people together by creating events. Organise Friendly Games, Tournaments or just a get together.

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Add a Kaki

Connect with new or old friends by adding each others as followers. By Adding a kaki, you will be updated with individual sports progress and connect with each other in the most engaging way.

About Us

Sportslah, a social platform for Sports. We connect all sports enthusiast in this User Friendly Web and Mobile application platform.

Our mission is to allow Enthusiast to share contents, make new friends, organise & join a sport while making their sporting journey more exciting. Within a few clicks, Enthusiast will have their sporting activity and information right at their fingertips. We strive to provide you with the best of sporting experience while having fun at the same time.

The Sportslah mobile app is incredibly easy to use, collaborative and engaging. With Sportslah, you can look forward to having the best sports experience and more!

Accessible 24 /7. Simply, register with us and and live that Active life with SportsLah!

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